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SES is a Portuguese Religious Organization that celebrates the Holy Spirit feast every year on the Sunday of Trinity. It’s manage by volunteers that dedicate a lot time and hard work to maintain the building and it’s culture of the Portuguese Heritage founded in 1896.
The Portuguese men and women of Santa Clara founded this building, commonly known as the S.E.S. Hall, in 1896. This fraternal organization was created as a means of communication and socialization. It gave the Portuguese community a place to meet, to discuss current issues and to share news from the homeland. It also gave them a place to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Spirit which originated over 700 years ago. The feast commemorates a miracle that occurred during the reign of Queen Isabela of Portugal. In the legend during a time when there was a famine in the land Queen Isabela prayed to the Holy Spirit for help for her people. When hope was almost gone ships full of grain and food arrived in Lisbon harbor. As the miracle was realized, she took her crown and placed it on the head of a peasant girl. This action was followed by a meal for the poor consisting of ample meat, bread and wine. Today we call this meal “Sopas do Espirito Santo” which is preceded by a procession to and from St. Clare’s Church. You can find the above transcribed in a historical marker that is located in front of the staircase leading up to the front of the building.

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The Santa Clara S.E.S. Portuguese Hall Perfect setting for: Wedding Receptions, Quinceanera, Shows, Seminars, Fundraisers, Bridal Showers, Availability Year-round, 8:00 A.M. – Midnight. Please call for availability. Rental Rates & Information Main Hall rental fee starting at $2,000 plus security, cleaning fees (subject to change). A deposit is required. Special price for school events. Please call for additional information. Facility Amenities: Kitchen Tables & Chairs, Dance Floor, Lighting, Cooling, Restrooms, Parking, ATM Access

Portuguese Events

The Santa Clara S.E.S Portuguese Hall Calendar Of Events


  • January 18: S.E.S. Hall Crab Feed
  • February 8: S.E.S. Queen’s Presentation Dinner
  • March 8: Fillhoses Sale
  • April 18: SES Fundraiser
  • May 9: Casino Trip
  • May 24 – June 6: Rosary
  • June 6 & 7: Festa do Espirito Santo
  • September 27: S.E.S. Election Day


  • March 5: S.E.S. Corporation Filhoses Sale
  • March 18: Dangerous Damsels Wrestling Event
  • May 28th- June 2nd: Festa Itinerary S.E.S. Corporation
  • June 3rd and June 4th: Festa Do Divino Espirito Santo


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